Frequently Asked Questions

What is Source & Screen?

Source & Screen is a recruitment service that locates, screens and engages the top talent for organizations’ job openings, allowing their HR professionals to focus on the interviewing, closing and onboarding phases of the hiring process.

Why doesn’t Source & Screen offer a guarantee on a hire?

As Personified is only responsible for 1/3 of the process that results in a hire (Sourcing & Screening), we are unable to guarantee hires which are ultimately determined by the latter two phases in the process, interviewing and closing to hire, which we have no hand in.

What sort of results can I expect?

The number of qualified candidates you’ll receive varies greatly from one engagement to the next.  Your Project Manager will do extensive research on the opening, your company, the industry and your labor market prior to the launch call to assess the level of difficulty we foresee in sourcing for this position.  Based on their findings, your Project Manager will give you an approximate number of qualified applicants we anticipate being able to submit for that particular opening.

What differentiates Personified from other businesses and services in the recruiting space?

Personified’s primary competitive advantage and ultimate differentiator amongst any competitors is our supply of real time labor market data and compensation information.  Coupled with historic reporting from thousands of past engagements and projects across every industry, we have the experience, business intelligence and tools to optimize your recruiting budget, in order to locate and engage the top talent for your firm.

What sort of recruiting tools does Source & Screen use? Are they all based in CareerBuilder’s recruiting solutions?

Personified is a unique branch of CareerBuilder that is able to utilize a wide array of recruiting resources both within and outside of CareerBuilder.  In addition to CareerBuilder’s propriety data intelligence, Resume Database and job posting products, Source & Screen seeks out your qualified candidates using targeted online advertising, online job boards (large, small, niche and associations), passive sourcing (Boolean searches, personal and professional networking, social media sites), along with any resources you specify or advise.  The recruiting strategy is highly adaptable and will most likely fluctuate over the course of the engagement, to yield the best results and optimize your recruiting budget.

What is the Supply and Demand Portal and what sort of data intelligence does it offer?

CareerBuilder’s Supply and Demand Portal is a business intelligence tool, which allows us as well as clients to develop data-driven recruitment strategies, based on where the supply of active candidates is greatest, where the most competition for a specific skillset is.  The Supply & Demand Portal encompasses over 51 million active resumes, 48 million job postings, 135 million worker profiles, 19 million salary data points, and covers 90% of the online job market, to give a comprehensive view of the employment market in real time.

In the Source & Screen process, we utilize the Supply & Demand Portal at the outset of every engagement, in order to gain a thorough understanding of your labor market, and to gauge the level of difficulty in sourcing for the opening in your region and in neighboring labor markets.  After collecting all the data, we build our sourcing strategy accordingly.

How can I tell if the compensation I’m offering is in line with my competitors?

CareerBuilder’s Talent Compensation Portal provides an insider’s view of the current compensation landscape from both the employers’ and job seekers’ perspectives.  Using this information, we are able to determine competitive market pay rates, identify emerging pay trends in difficult-to-fill positions, and improve compensation decisions tied to recruiting and hiring, helping our clients to attract and retain the top talent.  We consult the Talent Compensation Portal at the outset of every engagement in addition to the Supply and Demand Portal, in order to build an effective sourcing strategy around your compensation offering.

What if we are unable or do not wish to advertise the compensation for a given position?

Advertising the compensation information is by no means mandatory; however, our research on job seeker behavior has shown that roughly 50% of candidates viewing a posting forgo applying if compensation information is missing.  Therefore, we strongly recommend including compensation information (salary, benefits, 401K, etc.) whenever possible.

What sort of updates can I expect when utilizing Personified’s Source & Screen services and how often will I receive them?

During an engagement, unless otherwise specified in your contract, you can expect to receive a daily submittal of new, qualified candidates via email, weekly touch point calls to monitor the progress of the campaign, a final wrap up call as well as a final deliverable document detailing the breakdown of the campaign week over week.

What is a touch point call?

A touch point call is conducted at the end of every week, to get your feedback on the caliber of candidates received, to assess the progress made to date, to revisit the project scope and expectations, and most importantly, to make any changes to the course of the campaign if necessary.

Is a weekly touch point call really necessary?

We view the weekly calls as our opportunity to get frequent, candid feedback.  Our biggest priority is to give you the maximum return on your investment.  In order to do so, we often need to make real time adjustments to prevent wasteful spending and to decrease the odds of candidate drop-off.  Through a mere 15 minutes of open dialogue at the end of each week, we’ll have a much better sense of what constitutes not only a qualified candidate, but a good fit with your company as well.

What questions should I submit for your phone screening?

Your involvement in this stage of the screening process is entirely up to you.  If you have a list of 5-10 questions you would like us to use for the phone screen, we will be happy to do so.  If you do not have a preset list of questions, your Project Manager will create a list of questions based on the job description and requirements.

What is my company’s value proposition and what sort of information should I include in it?

In short, your company’s value proposition answers the question, “why would a job seeker want to work for you?”  When compiling the list of reasons why candidates should come to work for your firm, considering including:

  • Compensation
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Interesting assignments
  • Work / Life balance
  • Company reputation
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Training
  • Diversity
  • Travel
  • Company financials
  • Environmental consciousness

We’ve had a lot of success sourcing candidates from one of our competitors. Can we request that you source active or passive candidates from that business?

Yes, we can do that.  Our Talent Strategists will be doing a thorough sweep of qualified candidates from a variety of different resources, but if you’ve had a lot of success with one or more avenues in the past, we are happy to incorporate your preferences and suggestions into our recruiting strategy.

What sort of reporting can you do?

Personified offers Applicant Details Reports as requested.  This report, as the title indicates, provides information on the applicants submitted throughout the engagement.  We can also provide customized reporting.  To avoid any extraneous fees, please identify any reporting needs you may have at the beginning of the engagement so that this information can be incorporated into your contract.

Do we have the option of keeping our company name confidential?

Yes, your company can most certainly be kept anonymous throughout the engagement at your discretion.  We do caution you, however, as confidential searches can decrease candidate activity and flow by as much as 40%.  If you have the option of revealing your company name, it is recommended to use full branding to advertise any opportunity.

Does Personified cater to diversity initiatives?

Yes.  Personified offers a Diversity Cross-Posting option, which feeds your diversity positions and advertising to over 90 diversity-focused websites.  However, all qualified candidates sourced from every recruiting medium must still be considered by Personified and presented, regardless of whether the candidate meets “diversity criteria” or not.

Can you work directly with our ATS?

Because training and implementation periods for each individual ATS can take a week or more, we typically work from our own ATS for any engagements lasting 3 months or less.  Engagements scheduled for a period longer than 3 months can be customized to work with your ATS.

Yes, this can be done at the client’s discretion, but we recommend verbal client contact before this step occurs. Typical ATS drop-off across industries can be as much as 50%.  As a rule of thumb, we prefer to not make candidates “double apply” to an opportunity, thereby risking a significant spike in the candidate drop-off rate.

Do you perform reference checks as part of your services?

No, Personified does not perform reference checks due to the sensitive nature of the process.

Why do engagements take 30 days?

In an effort to drive maximum ROI, we tier your advertising spend over a 4 week period in order to deduce which advertising methods offer the best return.  From historical data collected over thousands of engagements, we have found that a period of 30 days provides adequate time in most markets to uncover both pockets of active and passive job seekers.  Furthermore, many online advertising solutions Personified may partner with charge in 30-day blocks of advertisement time, so matching this window provides our clients with the full amount of exposure they are entitled to.

Can you send us every candidate that was sourced, as opposed to only those who passed the screening process?

In short, yes, we can send you all candidates.  That being said, a primary value-add of Personified is to pre-screen and pre-qualify every candidates that is submitted.  Sending every applicant to a client can bog down the process and cloud the focus that should be given to only the most qualified candidates.  Nevertheless, all applicants can be bundled at the end of the engagement and sent in a zip file.

Do you conduct behavioral-based interviews?

Due to the very personal and subjective nature of behavioral questions, Personified opts to screen candidates based purely on objective criteria, such as work experience, qualifications, level of education and so forth.  Additionally, responses to behavioral questions tend to be much longer and more complex.  With budget in mind, we attempts to deduce as much relevant information regarding a candidate in as short a period of time as possible.

What can I do to help ensure that my Source and Screen engagement is a success?

As with any partnership, frequent and meaningful communication is key. Personified Project Managers exercise daily control over their advertising budgets, and given the ability to track the origin source of each candidate we submit, we encourage our clients to engage their PM candidly when reviewing potential interviewees.  By giving us timely and in-depth reviews of each applicant, we can and will gradually narrow the ideal candidate profile over the full course of every campaign to deliver the best talent for your opening.